The Secret Aid That Will Make Your Lives A Lot Sweeter

During festivals or birthdays, and on days when Anita came home with a medal around her neck, or a 10/10 on her test papers – there was always one thing that brought about the essence of celebrations like nothing else. More than looking forward to the occasion, she would crave for the familiar whiff of sweet milk in the air, waiting for her mother to finish her cooking. Soon she would find herself sitting on the table looking at the bowl of dear old Semiya Payasam.

Years later today, she sees her grand children jumping eagerly as they smell the aroma of the dessert for the umpteenth time this year. She doesn’t tire at all. Why, she has a secret aid! An aid that can make a mouth-watering cup of payasam with only milk!

What Is This Semiya Payasam?

Semiya Payasam, one of the many varieties of Payasam/Kheer, is a classic Indian dessert that has the hearts of many. Made of vermicelli, this delightful sweet is loaded with milk, raisins, almonds, cashews, and a whole lot of love. Meals often begin with a small spoon of it on the Banana Leaf to the cup, and ends with a generous cup of the same payasam for dessert!

From China To Our Households – The Origin Of Semiya

Semiya, which is known as Vermicelli, finds its way from the southern part of China as an alternative to Wheat noodles or Pasta of North China. Due to climatic conditions, South China adapted to Vermicelli, which is made of rice. The South Asians prepared Rice Vermicelli using locally sourced rice and water, which are easy sources for basic food.

Quick Tip: To prepare Vermicelli at home, make a dough with a bowl full of Rice flour and Water. Pass it through the Semiya Kitchen Press to get customised sizes. This steamed short and dry pasta is our dear old Vermicelli.

Semiya Payasam – The Sweetest of Sweets

For years now, the dear old payasam has stood the test of time with close and fabulous competition like cakes and other delightful pastries. But, the place in our heart that this special payasam owns, can never be conquered by other desserts, for this dish has nostalgia and parts of childhood tied to it.

As delicious as it is, it is natural to want to eat it as often as possible. But owing to the time spent in preparing it, step-by-step, makes it impossible to enjoy this dish frequently. This brings us to that part of the blog where the secret aid we mentioned earlier is brought before you, to be made known to you, so you can enjoy.

The Secret Aid Every Kitchen Must Have – The Magic Mix

Roasting vermicelli or cashews, are all things of the past! Now, making your favourite semiya payasam is as easy as boiling a mug of milk, thanks to Annapoorna’s Semiya Payasam Mix.

Our Annapoorna Semiya Payasam Mix gives you a bowl full of sweetness and can be your most trustworthy aid in your kitchen, for days when dessert cravings come knocking at your door. Loaded with Cashew nuts, Raisins, Cardamom, and Ghee, it is sure to make you want more. This traditional regional blend delivers freshness, flavour, and aroma that will take you back to your childhood days…to the familiar essence of joy and celebrations associated with the beloved Semiya Payasam.

Shop our Annapoorn Semiya Payasam Mix now, and go down the memory lane as you indulge in a bowl of happiness!