The Power of Food Memories

Powder of Food Memories

Cooking is all about showing our love and taking care of those we love. Lighting the stove is lighting an innate desire to surprise a loved one. This is what makes food special and unique. You can experience unexplainable emotional reactions when you eat food because the tastes, textures and aroma will arouse deep unconscious memories from the past.

Behind every heirloom recipe there is a story. Every smile, tear and act that’s birthed out of food has the power to conjure up memories. That is what Annapoorna Masalas & Spices aims to achieve and has already achieved.

Since 1975, Annapoorna has embarked on a culinary journey to bring you the tastes of nostalgia to your table every day.

Experience Gastronomic Déjà Vu

Eating dishes prepared by your mother or grandmother can evoke powerful memories that live deep within your subconscious. What you eat as a child will have a profound impact years later when you taste something similar as an adult. That is what we mean by gastronomic déjà vu. A real story is hidden behind every flavour and taste as it evokes an idea and a feeling in every bite.

Why do people spread across geographies from different castes, cultures and creeds judiciously follow traditional cooking techniques and recipes from one generation to the next? This is not a ritual but the respect that one has for their food culture and motherland.

Cooking Food with Heart and Soul

Annapoorna’s heart beat is about evoking those memories on your plate while staying true to the tradition and food culture of our land. Our masalas and spices are curated with the highest quality ingredients and age-old recipes to rediscover, revive and rejoice over provincial delicacies and make them known to households in every region.

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Our passion is about celebrating food, commemorating cooks from all walks of life and uncovering heirloom recipes that have a story to tell.