The Evolution of Bajjis

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There are times when life throws a not-so-welcome surprise your way. A guest shows up all of a sudden; or it starts raining, leaving you with an insatiable hunger; or, you discover you are craving for a quick tea-time snack that doesn’t demand too much of your time and energy.

At times like these, cooking up a plate of Bajjis has always worked like magic, we’re sure!

The guests are happy, you are happy and your cravings satisfied!

The Friendly Neighbourhood Bajji

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, Bajji is a deep-fried spicy hot snack similar to fritters! Easy to make, and a blessing for the taste buds, this snack is highly popular among Indian street food.

When you see a huge crowd gathered around a small push cart, you can be sure it’s a Bajji stall! Not surprising, considering t isn’t heavy on your pockets even after 3 plates full!

Being extremely easy to cook, Bajjis are also a favourite with mothers in most Indian households!

Suda Suda Bajji Recipe Time

A generous amount of chickpea flour, a few spices of your choice and a dash of salt is all you need to make a fine batter to coat your vegetables with. That done, toss them into sizzling hot oil and voila, you have your plate of suda suda Bajji ready! While this is the classic bajji recipe, this snack allows you to experiment, and welcomes any other ingredient you’d want to add on. That’s what makes Bajjis a popular snack with all age groups, that there’s no one way to make it!

Forever Evolving
Classic Bajjis In Tastier New Avatars

Over the years, although many new varieties of snacks have evolved, Bajjis still continue to rule the world of snacks, and of course, or hearts. Because, they have never stopped evolving!

Even as you read, there are new add-on ingredients being tossed into the batter, that give our favourite bajjis a whole new taste.

Vazhaka Bajji : Enjoyed predominantly in Southern India, this variety is made of plantain and is a mellow tea-time companion. Adding a tint of tamarind paste and a bit of garlic paste, will make you see the dear old Vazhaka Bajji in new light!

Milaga Bajji : Made of banana peppers this variety is popular with all those who enjoy hot and spicy food. The spicier the Milaga, the happier they are. Now going rounds, is the praise for Milaga Bajji stuffed with onion and Aloo. Tried it? Slit your milaga bajji, stuff it with boiled, mashed aloo and raw onions. Add a dab of tamarind juice, for flavour! Sounds heavenly? It is heavenly!

Vengayam Bajji : While one might cry when making these onion bajjis, it’s a cinch that they’d be grinning ear to ear when they finally get to eat it. A practice that makes our favourite onion bajjis tastier these days, is the addition of ginger and hot green chillies to the batter. Looks like too much work? Well, it certainly pays off!

Potato Bajji : Everyone would agree when we say potato is the most accommodating vegetable. Although there aren’t new mouth-watering practices to give a new flavour to the classic Aloo Bajji, we simply want to glorify how potato Bajji has always been the best version of itself!

Bread Bajji : While it’s true that bread Bajji is perfect as it is, this version might make your mouth water if you’re a sandwich lover! Make a sandwich with mashed potatoes, cut onions and grated chilli. Coat it with the Bajji batter, and deep-fry it. You now have your Sandwich Bajji ready!

Easy-To-cook Bajjis Now Easier-To-Cook

Most of us are grateful for bajjis. But there are a few of us who wish making bajjis could be even simpler. Well, what can we say, there is a simpler way. With Annapoorna’s Bajji Bonda Mix, you don’t even have to worry about the batter. All you’ll need to have with you, is the craving for a plate of suda suda Bajji, and of course the vegetables! Are you cooking some today?