The Captivating Flavours of Kongu Nadu’s Nattu Kozhi Kulambu

Tamil Nadu cuisine is not just famous for its Chettinad fare. Kongu Nadu cuisine is the cynosure of this region’s gastronomy. The cuisine derives its unique flavour profile from the extensive use of dry coconut, dry ginger, groundnuts, sesame seeds and roasted turmeric. Unlike its spicy counterpart, Chettinad cuisine, Kongu food is nutritious and subtle in taste owing to the generous use of millets and pulses.

Subtle Flavours that will make your Tastebuds Salivate

Kongu Nadu food has a distinctive taste because of following traditional cooking techniques and usage of regional ingredients in every dish. Food is served on a banana leaf, which imparts a unique flavour and is considered healthy as well. The cuisine does not marinate meat but is used as is for giving different taste and texture.

Every home-style kulambu is usually prepared with small onions (shallots), tomatoes and coconut to provide the base for the gravy. The mildly spiced kulambu pairs well with rice and millets.  The native flavours cannot be recreated by any restaurant that easily. If you want to prepare Kongu Nadu’s delicacy at home with only a few major ingredients and enjoy the same authentic taste of the region, try making Nattu Kozhi Kulambu.  

Cook It Up, Country Style!

The favourite among the locals is the Nattu Kozhi (Country Chicken) Kulambu where the chicken is slowly braised and flavoured with red chilli, coriander, cumin, fennel, garlic and other aromatics. Turmeric is used as an important ingredient to give off its deep colour to the dish.

Nattu Kozhi(country chicken) mostly grazes in open fields and is used predominantly in Kongu cuisine rather than the broiler variety. The meat is slightly tough when compared to white poultry meat. But, when cooked, it’s juicy and soaks up the spices nicely.  What’s really appetising and appealing about this recipe is that the bones of the country chicken lend a wonderful flavour and aroma to the dish. Nattu Kozhi is judiciously prepared in every small town and village to treat special guests. Home cooks believe that this country bred chicken has medicinal value and is used to treat ailments like the common cold and flu.

When you prepare Nattu Kozhi Kulambu, always use country chicken and Annapoorna’s Nattu Kozhi Kulambu masala to enjoy the real taste and authenticity of this village style delicacy.

Our regional blend has been curated with native ingredients and age-old recipes unearthed from the cooking practises of mothers and grandmothers from that region. Bring the traditional taste of Kongu Nadu right to your plate and share the joy of eating in good company!