Some Crunchy Homemade snacks For The Winter

It is raining outside. Snuggling under a blanket, Ram finds his taste buds craving for a warm bite of hot snacks. Besides that, and with the beautiful rain outside to urge his cravings, Ram starts asking his mother to prepare something to nibble on to best suit this climate.

When Winter comes, our cravings aren’t far behind!

Researchers say that cold weather can create biological changes that make us crave food that provides us with warmth.

Wherefore, without bringing any havoc to our health, occasional desires for warm and crunchy food are natural! To satiate the cravings, try our traditional yet simple homemade snacks that will satisfy you to the utmost. Let us explore some of the traditional masalas available to prepare delicious crunchies for these winter cravings.

Three mouth-watering Non-vegetarian bites to choose from

Scrumptious Chicken 65

Welcome the rainy season with the delicious Chicken 65.To prepare, marinate the chicken pieces with Annapoorna Chicken 65 Masala and bring them to deep fry. The hot crunchies are ready to make your day flavourful!

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Chicken 65 Masala

Toothsome Chicken Tikka 

Appetizing Chicken Tikka is the best starter that might make you crave more. With nicely sliced Chicken pieces and Annapoorna Chicken Tikka Masala, enjoy the mouth-watering chicken tikka with the perfect green chutney.

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Heart-warming Fish Roast

Include this delectable fish roast in your meal with a bowl of rice and Fish Curry. Apply the Annapoorna Fish Roast Masala over the sliced fish pieces and roast them in a Tawa on medium flame. Squeeze a piece of lemon and add some sliced onion pieces to fully enjoy the meal.

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Three Vegetarian bites to choose from

Crispy Cauliflower 65 

65 cravings are contagious. To swiftly fulfill your veggie longings, we can prepare the crunchy Cauliflower 65 with the same Chicken 65 Masala. With our dear Cauliflower and the Chicken 65 Masala, the tasty crunchies are ready to devour on. The tantalizing aroma will make us crave more, even when our stomach is full.

Prepare this tasty Cauliflower 65 with the authentic Annapoorna Chicken 65 Masala!

Luscious Paneer Tikka

Cubes of paneer will demand us to try Paneer Tikka. Without much ado, prepare this incredibly delicate and delightful Paneer Tikka and pair up this tikka with the tasty green chutney.

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Vintage Bajji to bring a bright smile

Last but not the least, one of the significant snacks that strikes a chord is the evergreen Bajji, which can be made in a jiffy. What we really want is 5 mins of time and ready to cook Annapoorna Bajji Bonda Mix and obviously the vegetable of your choice. 

We know cold weather can make your taste buds demanding, and you can’t blame them! So, we bring you these hot and spicy masalas to help you prepare aromatic and flavourful snacks at home. 

We understand it’s difficult stepping out of the house at the moment, But you can grab these hot and spicy masalas while safely staying at home.

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Bajji Bonda Mix