Pause To Breathe : ‘Cause It’s Break-Time

Her meeting is scheduled in minutes from now. Amma is in a hurry. As soon as the whistles go, the stove is turned off and she pours a small glass of water all over the cooker so it cools down sooner. Appa is already on a call with his team as he quickly chops down vegetables. The sambar looks ready, and Amma sighs in relief. She checks for salt, and realizes the sambar is too spicy. She is not going to leave it like that. She quickly puts a handful of dal in the cooker to add to the sambar, as she goes on to cook a mixed vegetable curry!

Because, no matter how late you are getting, you don’t want to compromise on the taste, nor the goodness, when it comes to food for your children.

This is the scenario in every other household on most days, if not on all!

In The Kitchens, Not Every Day Is As Breezy As a Sunday

As much as you love cooking, and wish your children only ate good food every day, there are mornings when time is a luxury you simply can’t afford, even if you have superhuman powers. It’s natural, and bound to happen often, in this fast-moving world.

This is why, we have a 5-day meal plan for weekdays you can’t be very generous with your time on, without compromising the taste or the goodness! You can thank us later.

Our Meal-Plan – A Perfect Solution For Your Busy Week

1. Tangy Mondays with Tamarind Rice

The richness of the tamarind pulp combined with the goodness of homely flavours, is a delight!

When eaten with a bowl of papad or Vadagam, nothing can beat the long-lasting satisfaction you derive out of this evergreen Indian dish.

With Annapoorna Tamarind Rice Mix, the burden of having to prepare the tamarind rice paste is off your shoulders. All you need to make yummy tamarind rice is some boiled rice, oil and of course, a great appetite!

2. Tasteful Tuesdays with Tomato Rice

One can’t say no to a flavourful tomato rice. Quick to make, and tasty to eat, tomato rice has survived the test of time! The blend of onions, tomatoes and garlic makes for a lip-smacking combination. With a cup of onion raita for a Side, Tomato Rice tastes other-worldly.

With Annapoorna Tomato Rice Mix in hand, there is no need to chop the veggies, fry them and shower them with spices! All you need to make yummy Tomato Rice is some boiled rice, oil and a tomatoey appetite!

3. Whimsical Wednesdays with Lemon Rice

Lemon rice has always been our go-to dish owing to its ease of preparation and its lemony flavours! But there are days when making even a quick lemon rice sounds like a task.

With Annapoorna Lemon Rice Mix, all you need is some boiled rice, oil and a lemony appetite! No cutting lemons, no squeezing, no garnishing and no change in the taste either!

All the bonus time you are left with can go into quickly deep-frying some Mor-Milagai!

4. Tantalizing Thursdays with Garlic Rice

The pungent flavour of garlic is to die for! But little is it possible to spend time peeling cloves of garlic.

With Annapoorna Garlic Rice Mix, you get to relish the rich flavours of garlic combined with wholesome roasted lentils. All you need to make yummy Garlic Rice is some boiled rice, oil and an absolute love for all things Garlic!

5. Flavourful Fridays with Dal Rice

So what if you’re not able to make a sambar rich in the goodness of lentils? A quicker, tastier, and fun alternate is waiting for your attention. Dal Rice! No, you have no roasting or grinding to worry about.

With Annapoorna Dal Rice Powder, all you need is some boiled rice, oil and a jolly good appetite for a flavourful, finger-licking goodness!

When things get a little more difficult and time-consuming than they should, it’s always better to take a break! Sometimes, it’s okay to take a break from all the chopping and frying and relish the homely flavours of the mixes!

Try our weekday meal-plan and tell us how it went!

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