The Beginning

From humble beginnings, our Founder Dr. Damodarasamy Naidu laid the foundation of Sree Annapoorna Foods in 1975. When many believed that good taste can be achieved only when masalas are prepared at home, our company pioneered the concept of pre-made spice blends.

The Hritage

The Heritage

Inspired by the traditional practise of preparing spices synonymous with our cultural heritage, we take great care to source ingredients from India’s renowned spice lands, and craft regional masalas and spices without compromising on quality and hygiene.

The gastronomic journey towards authentic taste


THE BEGINNINGAnnapoorna was founded and established by Dr. Damodarasamy Naidu in Coimbatore


THE HERITAGEWe pioneered the concept of pre-made spice blends and were the forerunners in the industry of processed and packaged masalas


THE SUCCESSIONThe company was succeeded by Mr. R Velumani and facilitated manufacturing operations in Coimbatore


THE NEW PATHMr. Vijay Prasad joined the business. The company shifted base to a new manufacturing unit and continued on with traditional manufacturing practices


THE WAY FORWARDThe company was succeeded by Mr. Vijay Prasad. We developed an unbounded passion to replicate the authentic tastes of regional delicacies


THE TASTE THAT UNITESWe successfully revamped the brand to Annapoorna Masalas & Spices and are on a mission to bring regional delights to homes across the country




We are a team of culinary experts and food enthusiasts. Our passion lies in replicating flavours of regional delicacies that go beyond the aesthetics of taste and delving into understanding its rich heritage.

Vijay Prasad

Executive Director

Dhamodarasamy Naidu
R. Velumani

Managing Director