A Golden Tour With The King Of Spices

Having been bitten by an insect while playing, the little boy ran to his mother for medical aid. She swiftly picked the first-aid kit that looked nothing like one. Opening the Anjarai Petti (spices box) she took out the king of spices. Pepper. Grinding 5 peppercorns with a handful of rice, she fed the little boy smiling. She trusted this King of spices to fight the allergies on her son’s behalf, and she was right!

What makes this King a king of spices?

Hop on board! Let’s run through the many ways the Black Pepper has been wooing us since time immemorial!

Is it because of the train of health benefits that follow?

From simple to complex and Indian to Italian, pepper, ground or whole, enhances the taste of your food preparation with ultimate health benefits, which makes it the King of spices among the other 80 more spices around the world.

  • Improves your blood sugar level
  • Lowers your cholesterol levels
  • Serves as an antioxidant to insect bites
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Rich in Manganese
  • Helps with bone health
  • Aids in weight loss

Is it because it can make any dish all the more flavourful?

While Pepper leaves a burning aftertaste, it surprisingly has cooling and healing properties. To add on to the contradicting benefits, cooling and healing spice is known to replace Chili powder in the South Indian cuisine, particularly in Chettinad.

With the versatility it makes, it stands out, creating a stream of dishes and health benefits. Adding a dash of freshly ground Pepper to any food will elevate the taste.

Is it because they’re delicious when consumed raw?

Black Pepper can be consumed in two ways. One can consume the raw peppercorns, as witnessed in the well-known wholesome south Indian breakfast, Ven Pongal. One other way to consume this spice is to grind them into powder.

Sourced from high-quality peppercorns from the Malabar region of Kerala, Annapoorna Malabar Pepper Powder can be added as salad dressings, and to roast Meat, Fish and Chicken, or as an enhancer to Buttermilk and fresh Fruits.

Is it because they’re lip-smacking even when cooked?

Multiple dishes have evolved in the Indian cuisine, highlighting the fiery flavours of pepper!

Fiery Chettinad Pepper Kulambu

Adhering to the regional method of cooking, bring home the taste of Chettinad Milagu Kulambu with Annapoorna Milagu Kulambu Masala.

Pepper Infused Juicy Chicken

Enjoy the delicious chicken roast coated with freshly ground Chettinad Pepper Chicken Masala which brings the authentic mouth-watering taste of Chettinad cuisine.

Or is it because they are your throat’s best friend?

Simple Rasam

Add the simple yet delicious Rasam to your lunch plate to complete your meal on days when you are not in your best health, and let it work its magic on you.

Pepper-Turmeric Milk

Add a dash of Annapoorna’s Malabar Pepper and Erode turmeric to your milk to soothe your throat and keep harmful viruses at bay.

One can keep wondering why it is that peppers went on to be proclaimed the King! Well, it is for all of the above reasons, and many more that can’t be fit into this blog space.

Before we conclude, one last guess, from our side!

Was it because the black Pepper was traded for Gold in ancient times?