10 Mouth-Watering Gravies To Pair Your Chapathis With!

There’s a household somewhere under the sky, where lives a family of four! A mother who suffers from diabetes! A father who is determined to shed the extra kilos! A son who’s into fitness as a lifestyle! A daughter, who prays every day for there to be a simple dish on the menu! After multiple discussions, they arrive on a conclusion – one common solution to all their problems – to make chapathis for dinner, every day! Like many other families that started the practice with great zeal only to give up very soon, this family too did. They gave up. 

But they had a fair reason, mind you! 

There was no variety in their meal. No life in it. That’s why.

Why Chapathis are popular!

We’ve all, at some point, attempted to have chapathis regularly either for lunch or dinner, for one of the above-mentioned reasons! Because, we’ve heard friends, family and colleagues all mention their chapathi-diet that yielded magical results. If one sticks long enough to the routine, it sure does.

Here’s why Chapathis are good for you

  • Keeps you full for longer hours.
  • Rich in proteins, minerals, fibres and all things good for your body.
  • Helps lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • Easy to cook.
  • With the right side dish, they are unparalleled.

Why then does the Chapathi-diet not last long?

While we believe we eat food for survival, it is no longer the sole reason. The food has to be nutritious, delicious, and visually appealing too! That’s what it takes for happy tummies and happier beings, these days. A soulful variety of dishes.

Now, this is a problem we can provide a solution to!

Here’s a delicious 10-day non-repetitive plan for you!

With our plan in place, all you need to do is, wake up, cook, and stick to your healthy ‘chapathis once a day’ routine! With our delicious, mouth-watering regional delicacies for sides, there’s no question of a boring meal!

Let’s make every meal a celebration, are you ready?

Day 1 – Paneer Butter Masala

For all the paneer lovers out there, and for everybody else too! This universally loved gravy makes for a delicious side-dish for your chapathis leaving behind a sweet & tangy after-taste!

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Paneer Butter Masala

Day 2 – Choley Masala

Packed with proteins and nutrients, it’s always a good time for this mouth-watering chickpea/channa gravy, that’s been ruling sabzis since forever!

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Choley Masala / Chana Masala

Day 3 – Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Pair your chapathis with this heavenly potato gravy recipe brought to you straight from the dhabas of Kashmir!

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Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Day 4 – Pav Bhaji Masala

You read it right! Who said you must devour this delightful sabzi with only the buns? Chapathis and this Bhaji make a great combination too! Go on, try it! You’ll love it!

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Pav Bhaji Masala

Day 5 – Egg-Curry Masala

How about some egg-cellent gravy with a whole lot of goodness and yummy flavours, to up your protein intake? You can’t go wrong with this one!

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Egg-Curry Masala

Day 6 – Traditional Sambar

Dip your chapathis in the goodness of ground & roasted lentils stew native to South-India, and bask in its delightful glory!

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Taditional Sambar Powder

Day 7 – Parotta Salna

Craving for some Parotta Salna? Now you sure must be! Crown your chapathis with this authentic parotta salna straight from the kitchens of Tuticorin!

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Parotta Salna Masala

Day 8 – Fish Curry Masala

Hello there sea-food lovers! This one’s for you! Enhance the flavours of your sea-food dish with some delectable fish curry masala! Paired with chapathis, wouldn’t that be an awesome combination?

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Fish Curry Masala

Day 9 – Chicken Curry Masala

Pamper yourself with some appetizing chicken curry masala! Now you have all the nutrients you would need, in place, don’t you?

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Chicken Curry Masala

Day 10 – Mutton Masala

We’re on day 10! How about some finger-licking mutton masala to go with your chapathis? ‘Yes, please’ is the only answer allowed!

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Mutton Masala

That was a joyful ride imagining how these sides would taste with chapathis, wasn’t it?

Now, when are you kick-starting your chapathi-diet? Tell us how it goes!